Collective Impact

Collective Impact is a model of advanced collaboration, designed to support diverse stakeholders coming together to address complex challenges. Our version of Collective Impact is defined by these five features*.

Backbone Structure: Focusing time and attention of staff on process and culture that supports all of the other elements for success.

Shared Goals: Identifying and centring common priorities and purpose.

Relationships of Trust and Respect: Building and strengthening relationships among participants with different perspectives and experiences.

Alignment: Applying time, talent, and resources towards shared goals in a coordinated way, while simultaneously serving individual goals and mandates.

Evaluation for Learning & Adapting: Championing a culture of asking questions, staying curious, embracing failure, and changing course as needed in order to progress.

The fable Stone Soup is an excellent illustration of the power of working together – the spirit behind collective impact.

Dragons Boats provide a useful analogy to understand the value of backbones and alignment.

*Adapted from the work of Between the Bridges, Tamarack, and FSG.