Used Computer Donations

Some of the refurbished computers supplied by GEO Nova Scotia start as donations to LakeCity Reboot. Keep reading to see how you can help!

LakeCity Reboot is looking for your support! 

We are an innovative computer-based microenterprise that provides supported employment and education to adults living with mental illness. We repurpose donated computers and other electronics, first by verifying if they can be restored – if so, they are rebuilt and resold at an affordable price. If we are unable to give a computer a second life, it’s disassembled and recycled. 

Reboot supports our local community by providing affordable options for computers, peripheral equipment, and repairs. The typical customer who seeks our services are: individuals living on a fixed income, seniors, patients in need of conducting virtual medical appointments, single parents, students and more. 

Our success relies heavily on the generosity of individuals and organizations such as yours. We are in need of a steady supply of machines to repurpose. At the moment, there is a marked increase in the need for laptops, as they include features such as webcams, microphones, and Wi-Fi capability, making them ideal for meetings or interviews on the net, online schooling, and staying in touch with family and friends.

We encourage you to consider us when upgrading or decommissioning devices. Your donations will provide our participants work experience and education, and bridge the technological gap in our community for those less fortunate. 

Click here to see more information about our technical needs and our data erasure processes.

Please contact us at: or call 902 – 465-5000 ext.110 to arrange a donation. For more information, visit:

We look forward to hearing from you!

About LakeCity Works

LakeCity Works supports people living with mental illness to build on their strengths, take on responsibilities, and access work experience, education, and employment. LakeCity Works offers support-based programs and services tailored to assist people on their path to employment. For more information, visit: