ACS Metropolis Conference – GEO NS and Digital Inclusion


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What is a Digital Champions program?

The award-winning program originated in the United Kingdom. With its proven track record and success, the prototype was embraced and adopted by GEO Nova Scotia to help Canadians who are still lacking the essential digital skills and confidence to navigate the online world.

Digital Champions come from many sectors. Whether you’re working or volunteering for a community organization, in the settlement sector, private sector or in government, the unique ability to transform lives through digital inclusion is what makes a Digital Champion.  We know people learn and engage best when they are being supported by a trusted intermediary – that’s you, the Digital Champion!   Digital Champions work best when they are embedded across services and support digital skills as part of their ongoing holistic care and support for the people they serve. 

Thanks to funding from the Digital Literacy Exchange Program (DLEP), a diverse range of newcomers will learn to use the Internet and build their digital skills. Over the next two years, thousands of people from newcomer organizations will be trained to support their clients.

DLEP Delivery Partner organizations:

GEO Nova Scotia


ACCT, Ontario

CCIS, Alberta

Digital Champion training:

We offer online two-hour interactive workshops where you will be provided with access to the knowledge, resources, and tools needed to support participants one-on-one to use the Internet confidently and safely.

Learning outcomes for the sessions are: 

  • Understand and explain the benefits of being online and supporting new learners
  • Understand how to engage a new learner who has limited or no digital skills/confidence
  • Understand how (and why) a Digital Champion can support a learner as part of holistic work
  • Create a structured approach for delivering digital skills support

There are various training sessions specifically tailored for organizations working with the newcomer population belonging to groups such as youth, seniors and job seekers.

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