GEO Connects

What is GEO Connects?

GEO Connects is our way of making sure that cost is not a barrier to being online for low-income Nova Scotians.

Through a network of trusted Referral Partners, we provide people what they need to be online including high-speed home internet access and new devices such as a Chromebook.

How does GEO Connects work?

After going through orientation, registered “Referral Agents” from our network of Referral Partners can refer Participants who can’t afford what they need to be online to GEO Nova Scotia. (Each Referral Partner work with a limited “budget” of referrals to GEO)

Participants are provided support by GEO Nova Scotia’s team of Digital Inclusion Facilitators, in coordination with the Referral Agent as needed.

Internet service is guaranteed  at no cost for at least one year. Service beyond one year is subject to an annual needs assessment review and renewal process.

Participants who need support to gain the basic skills to be online get access to one or more Digital Champions from their Referral Partner organization.

Who is eligible?

Participants must face financial challenges and experience digital exclusion because of their financial challenges.

Participants must live in Nova Scotia.

Internet recipients must live in a home that is serviceable by one of our Internet Service Providers.


Referral Partners: Organizations that are in partnership with GEO Nova Scotia to support Participants to be online

Key Person: The individual at a Referral Partner who is the primary contact for GEO Nova Scotia is regards to the GEO Connects Program.

Referral Agents: Staff members at a Referral Partner who are authorized to submit referrals into the GEO Connects program

Digital Champions: Staff and/or volunteers at a Referral Partner who are able to provide some basic 1:1 support for Participants who need it

Participants: Individual who has been referred to the GEO Connects Program for support

Digital Inclusion Facilitators: GEO Nova Scotia team members who work with Referral Agents to deliver the GEO Connects program, and provide training and support to Digital Champions.