2021-2022 Evaluation Report

It is with pride and gratitude that we share our 2021-2022 Evaluation Report and infographic.

Thank you to everyone who played a role in making all this happen: Delivery Partners, Referral Partners, Strategic and Funding Partners, suppliers, volunteers, and participants.

And a  special thanks to our brilliant Learning & Evaluation Lead, Cari Patterson, and everyone who contributed to the creation of this report.

Personally, looking back at what was accomplished by such a big and diversified collection of partners, I am taking three powerful lessons with me.

#1: Virtual meetings dramatically drop the cost for partners to engage

This was huge. From day one, GEO Nova Scotia was built in a virtual environment. What we accomplished together could not have happened using traditional methods of meeting and collaboration.

#2: Three is a magic number

Public – Private Partnerships might have a questionable track record in Nova Scotia, but when the Non-Profit Sector is also welcomed to the table as an equal partner it unlocks a lot of untapped potential. Resources can go further, the quality of programming certainly improves, and they are a vital source of passion and warmth that helps sustain us through our toughest times.

#3: Together, we have everything we need

That was my belief when this all began, and now I see it first hand. We call it the Stone Soup approach where everyone involved contributes what they can, and together we accomplish things we could never do alone.

As a province we are facing a lot of difficult challenges. Whether it is housing, food security, education, or healthcare, I believe these lessons and approaches can help us find our way to a better place.

The only way to go, is together.

Matt Spurway
Executive Director
GEO Nova Scotia