GEO Nova Scotia Programming Update

The new GEO Nova Scotia staff team is ready and excited to begin delivering the two programs we’ve been developing over the past months, our remade GEO Connects program, and our new GEO Digital Champions program. 

November 1 – December 16 will be used to test our new programs with a selection of our past partners and give our new staff team a chance to train and practice delivering on our commitment to Digital Inclusion. We will use the feedback and experience to fine-tune the programs and materials prior to a formal launch to start the new year.

What is GEO Connects?

GEO Connects is our way of making sure that cost is not a barrier to being online for low-income Nova Scotians.

Through a network of trusted Referral Partners, we provide people what they need to be online including high-speed home internet access and new devices such as a Chromebook, all at no cost.

What is a GEO Digital Champion?

Digital Champions are staff and volunteers from nonprofit and public sector organizations who help people one-on-one to be online.

GEO Digital Champions participate in a 2-hour training session led by GEO Nova Scotia Digital Inclusion Facilitators and receive effective tools, tips, and techniques to support someone who needs help to use the Internet safely and confidently.


If you are interested in becoming a partner with GEO Nova Scotia to deliver these programs in 2023, please complete this Expression of Interest form

If you would like to discuss these or other partnership opportunities, please contact Matt Spurway, Executive Director:  matt@geonovascotia.caFor all other inquiries, please contact